On February 2nd, Class 6, 7 and 8 went to Beamish. We were all very excited!

Two big coaches came to school and we all left together. When we arrived we found there were lots of lovey things to see and do…

 We split up into our various classes and between us we explored lots including the town area, the old church, school, garage, dentist and not forgetting the old fashioned sweet shop, (yum yum!) We learnt lots about how people used to live and work and we travelled on some old fashioned trams and buses. The drivers and conductors were very friendly and they took lots of time to talk to us and answer any questions we had. We also went into some very old houses. Did you know that years ago people had toilets in their back yards, not in their houses!?

 We jam packed as much as we could into our day and then climbed on the bus to come back to school. Some of us were so tired we fell asleep on the way home! zzzzzz

 Back at school we have been writing about our trip and comparing new vehicles to old. We had the most fabulous time and will never forget the fantastic day we all had!