Easter Homework Ideas


Weighing objects – investigate objects in the cupboard, look at their weight.  

 Weigh your toys and see how many grams and kg they weigh.

 Draw lines with a ruler then measure them in cm. What can you find around the house that is bigger than a metre?

 Make up a shop with your toys – make up price tags and then work out how many coins you need

to go shopping for each item.

 Maybe all the prices change after a day or so and go up or down by 10p, 20p etc.    easter bunny

Work out the new prices! 

Ask a friend to come and play in your shop and you be the shopkeeper and work out their change.


Write a story using your imagination......plan it with a story mountain so you know it has at least 5 parts to it (beginning, build up, problem, resolution and ending).

 Try to start each part of your story in a different way (action, description, speech)

 Re-write a traditional Fairy Tale. Don’t forget capital letters and full stops. (Some of you are also using paragraphs, commas and speech marks)

 Take a photograph of something exciting you have done or visited and write a sentence about it.

 Write down what you did to celebrate Easter.

 Read a book and write a review. Watch a DVD and write a review.



Happy Easter 6