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EYFS 2014


Linking Topics to the New National Curriculum


Daycare, Nursery and Reception children follow a curriculum set out in the New Early Years Foundation Stage documentation. It is designed to encourage practical, investigative, exploratory and creative learning. The children are encouraged to develop their learning both inside and outside the classroom or setting. Children love finding out about things and it helps to build their independence in learning when they are able to follow their interests.


Detailed information about the curriculum can be found by either enquiring in school or by clicking on this link to the STATUTORY FRAMEWORK FOR EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE. This will lead you to a document that gives full explanations and examples of the kind of work children do in this Key Stage. Parents are encouraged to work with the school by carrying out similar activities at home and then sharing information with the school as to what their child has done and how they enjoyed it.


Following changes to the EYFS 2012/2013 the New EYFS focusses on three prime areas and four specific areas. The emphasis is on the "learning most essential for children's readiness for future learning & healthy development." (EYFS statutory framework)

In the Foundation Stage, the staff create "Learning Journey" booklets which include examples of work the child has done. This builds up over the time the children are in school and at the end of Year 2, the children will be able to take them home giving a full record of their time in this school.