New Silksworth Infant school currently has in excess of 300 children receiving childcare or education in some capacity.  The Infant School provides compulsory education for children from Reception to Year 2 and also Nursery provision for children aged between 3 and 4 years old.  The school day for children differs depending on the age and year group of the child. The below provides key information for parents about the school day. 
We currently offer x5 3hr sessions all  morning or all afternoon in Nursery.  The Nursery is situated just along from the Main School Reception.  When a child joins the Nursery they will be allocated to a key group, identifiable by a colour.  At the beginning of each Nursery session parents will queue up behind a coloured cone that represents their child’s key group.  Children will then come into the setting and staff will supervise their entrance.  The below times indicate when each Nursery session starts:
Morning Sessions:           8:45am
Afternoon Session:         12:30pm
(These sessions are subject to change from September 15)
For safeguarding purposes the Nursery door will close five minutes after opening, any late parents must bring their child in via the School Reception and office staff will chaperone the child to the relevant key group.
Infant School
The Infant school day starts at 08:55 and the doors are opened promptly at that time. Children will make their own way into school and staff will supervise their entrance into the building.  
The bell will sound at 9:00am and any children arriving at that time will need to be brought to the School Reception.
The Morning Period
Once children have arrived, teachers conduct a formal registration with their class.  Late children who arrive after registration will be deemed to have missed a session which will impact the child’s overall attendance percentage.  During morning sessions children will  be taught Phonics, English and Maths.  Children benefit from access to indoor and outdoor classrooms in addition to a range of learning resources.  The morning session is split up by a 15min play time at 10:30am for children in Key Stage 1.  Children receive a fruit snack following play time.
Lunch Time
The school lunch time period starts at 11:45am and finishes at 1:15pm (subject to change in September 15).  All children from Reception upwards are entitled to a free school meal as part of the universal offer to Infant school.  Lunch time is split into two sittings and children alternate on a daily basis.  Lunch time activities and supervision are providing by dedicated staff.  The school also provides sports and games sessions over lunch and pays for a sports coach to deliver these.  Inevitably young children run around and occasionally bump into each other, in these events an Accident Form will be completed and sent home with the child.  
Parents should not pick-up or drop-off children for appointments etc during the lunch time period.  If a medical appointment for your child clashes with lunch time, your child should be picked up at either 11:55am or 1:25pm.  
Although Nursery children do not have lunch, they have continuous access to fruit snacks and are given milk during the session.
The Afternoon Session
After lunch children return to classrooms and registration is completed again.  Most lessons focus on foundation subjects, which are delivered through a topic approach, building on key skills developed in English and maths lessons.
The afternoon sessions are used to deliver the PE curriculum, with dedicated sports coaches on hand to deliver this element.Assemblies take place three afternoons a week which consists of one whole school assembly, one singing session and one rewards assembly where success is celebrated.

Collecting Children

Each key group will then be released by Nursery staff to an authorised adult one at a time to ensure the safeguarding of our children. The below session times indicate what time parents must arrive to collect their children from the Nursery;
Morning Session: 11:45am
Afternoon Session: 3:30pm

Infant School
At the end of the school day parents are asked to wait outside the red school fence behind their child's class number. The below times indicate when each year group finishes;
Reception: 3:15pm
Year 1& 2: 3:25pm

Nursery and school staff will not release a child to an adult they do not recognise or whose details have not been provided by the child's responsible adult. Parents must accept that if there is any doubt about an adult further action may be needed before the child will be allowed to leave the school premises. It is a parent's responsibility to ensure that the school has up to date information about their child and family.

The school also provides parents with the option of a Breakfast or After-school Club, as well as childcare options for children aged between 0-4yrs. For more information about this contact the school on 0191 553 6190 and select Option 3.