Reviewed Sept 2015

Next Review Sept 2016

Responsible Person: Mrs S Nordstrom


Pupil Age Range - 3-7

Type of School - Community

PAN - 70

Parents have the right to express a preference for their children to attend the school of their choice. However, there may be occasions when that school is unable to meet all the preferences because of being over-subscribed. It is essential that an admissions policy is in place and is adhered to so that any unnecessary stress to parents and school is avoided.


The aim of this policy is to ensure that the school has a fair and equitable admissions system and procedure that is in line with the requirements of the Local Authority and Government Regulations.

The school has a Nursery Class and there are two elements to this policy to ensure clarity of admission procedures for both Nursery and Reception classes.

The school does not discriminate against any child who expresses a preference for this school regardless of race, gender, religion or needs. New Silksworth Infant school is a very inclusive school and as such welcomes all children regardless of their needs.

Nursery Admission

Once a child has reached their second birthday, a parent may visit the school to register their child for Nursery to begin in the September following their third birthday. The birth certificate and proof of residence e.g. utility bill must be presented at the time of registration so that the birth date and address can be checked.

During April/May of the calendar year when the child will enter Nursery, the school will send to parents a letter offering a place. The parent must then return the acknowledgement to confirm that they still require the place for their child.

Once this acknowledgement has been received, the school will then confirm the place and confirm the session that the child will attend. Nursery staff will then write to parents informing them of the induction procedures and the dates of the initial visits (which take place at the beginning of September).

If the Nursery is over-subscribed, then the LA will apply priority selection process as set out. This sets out the priorities as;

a) a child in need

b) a child with a sibling in school

c) proximity of home address or that of registered child care to the school           

Children must be toilet-trained before they attend nursery. Only children with a recognised medical problem will be allowed to attend Nursery in nappies as the Nursery does not have the staffing to cope with any other children who are not toilet-trained.

In the even that not all places are taken up by eligible children, early entry places will be offered to those children who have their third birthday in the Autumn term. The same procedures will be followed as for normal admission times except that the offer letters will be sent out in October/November.                                                     School Admissions

During October of the year before the child is due to enter school, the Local Authority sends preference forms to parents of eligible children. These forms must be returned to the Local Authority either via the school or directly to the LA by the set date. It is now also possible to complete a preference form on-line. The LA will then inform parents if their child has been offered a place at the school. If the school is over-subscribed not all parents will get their first choice of school. If they have expressed a second preference this will be considered once all first preferences have been considered.

Parents do have the right to appeal against a decision. However, the class size pledge means that no classes in Infant schools should be over 30 and this may affect the decision of the Appeals Committee.

Any preference forms that are received by the LA after the due date will not be considered until all first preferences received by the due date have been considered.

Induction procedures

Induction meetings for parents are held in June/July for parents of children starting Reception in September. Children from the Nursery class regularly visit the main school and are therefore already used to the layout of the school. Children from other Nurseries are encouraged to make a visit to the school before they start.

Admissions on transfer from another school in the same LA.

If a parent moves in to the area and wishes their child to transfer to New Silksworth Infant School, they must first check that there are vacancies at the school and ask their current school for a transfer form. This must be completed and sent to the LA who will administer the transfer. The child can not be admitted until the LA has ensured that there is a place for the child.

Admission on transfer from a school in another LA

If a parent moves into the area and wishes to secure a place at the school, they must complete a preference form from the LA who will administer the transfer process.

Further information about arrangements for Sunderland School Admissions can be found on the below website;


To be read in conjunction with ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children in Education’.  New Silksworth Infant School Policies and Guidance for Safeguarding can be viewed on the school website and hard copies are available in school.