The government has given funding to every infant and primary school since 2013/14 to enable schools to improve the quality of sport and Physical Education for all children.


Funding for 2015/16
From September 2015 the school has employed two expert sports coaches to support the delivery of the PE curriculum.  Sports coaches will work directly alongside the PE coordinator, Mr Simpson to all pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1.  Children will receive at least 1hr of quality sports coaching each week during the afternoon. 
Sports coaches will undertake planning, lesson delivery and pupil progress tracking to cover key areas of EYFS and contribute to the 2hrs weekly Key Stage 1 entitlement. 

Summary of Funding


In 2014/15 the school was allocated £8,358 to support the Physical Education of pupils.  The below chart indicates how money is being allocated against sports activities to date.



Swimming Lessons


Swimming Caps




Support Assistants


Lunchtime Coaching




Last year’s activities were a great success particularly in swimming where every child achieved an award and made good progress.  The children worked  towards with ASA/British Gas Learn To Swim Pathway Awards.




All children (95 to date)who have completed a term’s swimming lessons reached a minimum of Level 1 (Developing basic safety awareness, the 'class' includes

basic movement skills and water confidence skills.  Swimmers may use aids such as arm bands and floats).  25% of children have also achieved a Level 2 award

(Developing safe entry into the water, including jumping in, basic floating, travel and rotation unaided to regain upright positions. Swimmers may use aids such as

arm bands and floats).

The use of a lunchtime sports coach has enhanced the P.E. curriculum as every class is in receipt of an extra 30mins quality physical activity time a week




At the end of last year 89% of children achieved the Early Learning Goal.  This was 3% above the National Average and 4% above the Local Authority Average



The school successfully competed in a Sunderland Football Competition and the Sunderland Game Infant Agility Challenge, where the school won the Relay Race amongst other games.

Due to the success of last year the school will look to spend the money in a similar way again this year. 

The school will receive £8,358 in 2015/16.  The school will also be looking into the use of Sports Coaches to support with PPA time, as a further means of improving Physical Education delivery.