It sad to say, but the last week of term has seen our lowest absence levels recorded yet.  This week a total of 35 children have missed at least session of school. 

This week alone a total of 441 hours of learning have been missed as a result of pupil absence.  Over 40% of this absence has been deemed unauthorised, whether through significant lateness, failure to communicate with school or due to an unauthorised holiday being take during term time.

Pupils have a legal right to their education and staff/governors at New Silksworth Infant School and the Council will continue to strive to ensure they receive it.  The school will continue to identify on going problems with absence and work with families and other services to improve this.

Finally, I would like to thank all the parents who have managed to get their children into school this half term and who have kept the school well informed when there child has had appointments or been unwell. 

Mr Huitson – School Business Manager

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