Class 1



Last week the children took part in the 'Save the Children Den Day'.  Great team work was seen as the children set to building their dens in teams with their familites and friends!  The parents had great ambitions in making their dens and one parent even said 'I knew excatly how I wanted it to look before I came.'  
All the dens were different - some even had lights and camp fires in!!  Luckily the weather seemed to be kind to us and we only had one day where it wa a little bit wet!!

Thank you to all the parents who came and joined in with our den day we had lots of fun!  Any children who still have sponsor money please hand it in to your child's class teacher.




The children received some visitors into our class and were very excitd to see them! 25 ladybirds came in a little tiny box with a note to ask us to look after them. We needed to research how to look after them and find out what they eat.  We found out that they eat aphids, which are small green flies.  Luckily some of the plants from our garden centre had lots of aphids on them!

We put the ladybirds into their special house and we observed the things they did.  They climbed on the plants and we even saw some of them fly.  We have been learning about the life cycle of a ladybird.  I am sure your child will be able to tell you all about the different stages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The children have enjoyed observing the ladybirds grow, seeing them lay eggs and writing about the things they saw.  Thank you for our Friday pennies to enable us to buy our ladybirds!!

The children are enthusiastic learning about minibeasts and are hoping we can buy caterpillars next with our Friday pennies!!

Class 1                            



On Wednesday we had a wonderful afternoon welcoming our parents into school for our 'Stay and Play' session.  All of the parents engaged with their children and the children were excited to share their learning with their parents.  We even challenged the parents to make a farm animal out of clay with their child!!

We are hoping to have another session next half term!

We would like to thank all the parents for supporting their child at home on the  'Teach your Monster to read' game.  The children are eager to use the game at school and we can see a difference in their reading ability.  We would like to remind parents that reading their book at home is also important and each child should be reading at least three times a week at home.

Our monsters keep writing letters to the children and the post man has been very busy delivering them!!

Thank you for your continued support.  



As part of our farm topic Class 1 visited 'Down at the Farm' to see the animals and find out facts about the animals.  Throughout the day we fed the lambs witha bottle, brushed Summer the donkey, washed George the pig and we even held lots of rabbits and chicks which had just hatched out of the egg!!

The bunnies were very quick running around and the farmer told us they had 52 baby rabbits!!

As we walked through the farmers fields we saw a skunk.  We were told he was friendly but he was very smelly! When he went back into his hutch he kept stamping his feet as he didn't want to come back out.
We then went on the tractor ride into the fields to see the cows and bull.  There were some baby cows which had just been born.  We found out that these are called calves.  

Over the next half term we are going to be finding out lots of facts about farm animals and learning about where they live and what they like to eat.  Before we went to the farm the chidlren wrote their own questions and hopefully we will find out the answers!

All the children had an enjoyable day at the farm, although very cold at times.  Who would have thought we would have snow in April!! The children behaved extremely well and listened to the farmer, showing great interest in what he had to say.

I am sure your child will be coming home telling you about all the things they have been learning about.  We will keep adding things to the website so watch this space!!

Thank you again to all our parent volunteers who came to the farm with us.


Last week an alien visited our class.  When we came into school on the morning there were footprints all around the classroom.  We needed to be very quiet as they led us to a big box.  Mrs Myers said we had to be very quiet as we didn't know what could be inside.

Some of the chidlren suggested it could be a teddy or an alien.  'It's yellow' said one of the children.

As the children carefully opened the box they found it was Beegu, from the story we had been reading that week.  The children were very excited that Beegu had landed in our classroom but they were rather concerned that the puppies which were in the box with Beegu were no longer there!!

Where could they be?! The children at once began to look for them, writing letters asking if anyone had seen them.  Some children worked at the creative table making dogs to go in the box with Beegu so that he wouldn't be scared!

Beegu is still in our classroom, enjoying life on Earth, but watch out you might just see him wandering around!!