Class 1



In Reception the children have been learning about Chinese New Year.  They have been writing about the story of the animals and how each year is named after one of the animals who crossed the river in the race.  This year it is the year of the monkey! The children enjoyed making lanterns and chinese new year cards using their lucky colour red.  Some of the chidlren even tried to write happy new year using Chinese symbols.

At the end of the week we enjoyed tasting Chinese food.  We all thought it was a Chinese party!!

This term our topic is space.  We have been describing aliens and working in our space station.  This week we have turned our space station into a space travel agent.  Which planet would you like to visit?

We are very proud of the progress the chidlren are making and would like to thank the parents for their continued support.  Please can we remind you how important it is to read with your child at home and children should be reading at least three times a week.

We will add more Space photos this week.  

Mrs Myers and Miss Bengochea


To help rasie money for some new wet suits, reception had lots of fun on our welly walk.  We explored the muddy puddles talking about the sounds we could hear and what the mud felt like.  We got very muddy but we had lots of fun!



This half term class 1 are going to be looking at the changes which occur during the season Winter and how Winter differs from the other seasons.  The children are also going to be exploring water and how this changes when frozen.

Following on from the children's interest, our role play area is a 'Healthy eating cafe' as the children have been very keen to take food orders and make different types of food for their customers.  In this café there will be no junk food served only healthy snacks!!

Later in the term we are going to learn about the planets through our topic 'space' again, following on from the children's interest in making and building rockets and drawing their own aliens.

We look forward to another busy half term and have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned over the next 6 weeks!

In Class 1 we have been learning about Diwali. Making rangoli patterns and diva lamps. 
We have had a visit from the dentist, who reminded us about brushing our teeth and the types of food we should try to avoid!
We have begun to develop our outside area.  The children drew a plan of the areas and things they would like in their new outdoor area. 
To get into the Halloween spirit, we carved pumpkins and enjoyed exploring the seeds inside the pumpkin.  We then made pumpkin soup it was yummy!

Mrs Myers

We are really excited to be back in Reception ready to start a new term.  We can’t wait to see you all again and hear of your adventures of the Summer holidays and what you have enjoyed the most.
This term in Reception is always a busy one, helping you to settle into the school routines and adapting to the changes in your school day but your friends and teachers will help you– staying for school dinners is always one of  the best parts of the day!!
When we had our visits in our new classroom we discussed the things you like to do when you are at nursery and which workshop areas you would like in your new classroom.  We have changed our classroom around and set up new areas including a snack area, sand, water, a shop, home corner, dough area and many other areas.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday and working with you throughout the term.
Mrs Myers and Miss Bengochea