Class 3

Over the last 2 weeks class three have began learning about mini beasts.  We have read lots of fiction books: The Hungry Caterpillar, Superworm and What the Ladybird heard and we have also explored non-fiction books about life cycles and the mini beasts we can find in our garden.  We watched David Attenborough The Life of Insects and learned about the insects that can be found in different countries. Looking at these things have helped us gain a greater knowledge and understanding of our world. 

To help us observe changes and understand life cycles caterpillars moved into our classroom and we made an observation station where we use magnifying glasses to observe changes and write about them in our caterpillar diary.  The caterpillars have not stopped eating since they arrived and were much bigger at the end of the week some of them are hanging upside down on the top of the container.  

I wonder if your child can tell you what the caterpillars are making and what might happen next? 

We have also been learning about doubling and have began to explore measurement.  Any opportinunities you can provide for your children to compare and/or order objects in terms of height and length will support their learning this term.  (It is important that the children are secure with the concept of measurement i.e. estimating and ordering in size order rather than being able to measure accurately in cms!) 






Class 3 have had a fantastic time today on our visit to Silksworth Lake (and park!) The children had a great time and were all extremely well behaved. I am very proud of them all. After learning about lakes, ponds and streams in school it was lovely for them to experience it first hand. Making visits to local parks, woodland, beaches, farms and common land is really important for children to gain a sense of space and community. It supports the children’s learning in class and offers an experience that can be linked directly to it.
The Early Years Foundation Stage states that being outdoors has a positive impact on children's sense of well-being and helps all aspects of children's development. It offers opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors and gives children first-hand contact with weather, seasons and the natural world. Our outdoor environments offer children freedom to explore, use their senses, and be physically active.  
With that in mind please keep exploring the outdoors with your children, it is a great place to be!
I know I have said it many times today but huge thanks again to our volunteers for your help today and also to all of our parents for your ongoing support.
Mrs Merrie and Mrs Dorgan
Lake Visit

Autumn 2015

Class 3 had a fantastic last term! We received a mystery parcel - a fish tank! The children were very excited.We talked about our own pets and how we look after them.We enjoyed developing our mark making and writing by writing lists of things we used to set up the tank ready for our fish to arrive.We listened to stories and enjoyed rhymes about fish.

The fish have successfully moved in and I'm sure the children will keep you informed of events!

Christmas was an especially busy time. We wrote letters to the Man on the Moon and to Santa and worked really hard to deliver a fantastic Christmas concert and Christmas carol service. We created Christmas crafts to take home and did snowflake maths!

With the input of the children Mrs Dorgan and I have developed our classroom into a place where learning activties and experiences are child centred, new areas have been introduced and others enhanced. The children helped to measure our display boards and cut our hessian backing..... as best they could!

We talked about what we would like to be when we grow up and discovered that we have a potential footballer, paleontologist, teacher, scientist and caterpillar! (among many others)

Spring 2016

This term Mrs Dorgan and I have made plans and are looking forward to exploring these interests further with the children. Our classroom now has a science lab and each week we will conduct a (child friendly) experiment with the children using every day materials. We will be making things that fly, float, freeze, and ooze and the children can explore light, magnets and use microscopes discovering the science behind them.... all we need now are our budding scientists!Help from home:   If dads or grandads have any old white work shirts please donate them - they will make great lab coats!

Mrs Dorgan and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support last term and look forward to working with your children in 2016.

Mrs Merrie


In Class 3 we have been reading lots of stories. Our favourite stories are We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Owl Babies and It’s the Bear. After reading the story It’s the Bear, we decided to have our own Teddy Bear Picnic. It was a lovely day and the sun even came out! We had lots of fun making our own jam sandwiches and decorating cupcakes which were yummy! This week we are going to be reading another story about a bear called My Friend Bear.


Welcome to all our new faces and welcome back to all our older children.  Class pages will be updated regularly so parents and families can see what children are participating in class.