Class 4

During maths, Class 4 have been exploring capacity! We’ve had so much fun getting our hands wet to discover more about this area. We have looked at key vocabulary such as empty, full, nearly empty, nearly full, half empty and half full and used this in discussion during the our activities. We have predicted and measured using non-standard units (cups) and ordered containers from the greatest capacity to least. It’s been great fun!


In a recent P.E lesson, Class 4 were introduced to a new topic this term, Physical Challenges! This week, they worked very hard as a team to make three letter words using only their bodies. They had to talk and listen to eachother very carefully to acheive their goals. They did so well!



As it has been Remembrance Day this month Class 4 have been writing instructions on how to make a poppy. First we made a list of the equipment needed and clear steps that included bossy verbs for the reader to follow. We made our poppies by following the instructions and wore them with pride to our street party on the afternoon.

Class 4 have been reading the book ‘Mog the Forgetful Cat’ by Judith Kerr. We discussed why Mog got a medal at the end of the story and looked at what else Mog could do that would be kind or helpful to the Thomas family. Using this information, we created a trophy for Mog explaining why she had been rewarded this commendation. We linked our lesson to Maths too as we made our trophy using a 2D and 3D shape!

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Miss Carlisle
Hello! I am Miss Carlisle and I will be in Year 1 from September, teaching the wonderful Class 4! I worked with Year 1 last year and I am really excited to be working alongside our newly appointed teacher, Mr Simpson. We have the pleasure of Mrs Marley supporting both classes and we are all looking forward to bringing the curriculum alive for the children in our classes.
I am dedicated to supporting the children in reaching their individual goals and growing into more independent learners. Working hard together I know we can achieve positive outcomes for every child, overcoming any challenges we encounter along the way.
I am sure 2015/16 will be a fantastic year and I am looking forward to seeing you all again in September!