Class 6

Bible comes alive

We went to the church to find out more about the bible. Travelling thousands of years back in time we went to Nazareth to find out more about Jesus. Different people from the bible told us stories about Jesus and the miracles he performed. We loved dancing and singing along!

Children in Need

Thank you for making Children in Need a fantastic day in school! We thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and learning about what was like in the 1940s. The costumes your kids wore were fantastic. Our favourite part of the day was learning the Charleston stroll and performing it in assembly. Class 6 are the best dancers in the whole school!

Remembrance Day

We were lucky enough to be visited by a World War One veteran who came into school to show us his medals from the war and to talk to us about his experiences.

Class 6 also visited the cenotaph to pay their respect. The children lay poppies and remembered those who have fought to keep us safe in a one minute silence. Thank you to our helpers for joining us. Here are some photographs: 








Hi Everybody. 
It's great to be back to school and to see all of your smiling faces. You all look so grown up!! 

Miss Blake


I'm really looking forward to starting our new topic 'happily ever after' and getting to know you all better!!
This term we will be reading and writing traditional tales as well as creating our own. We will also create maps through our own fantasy forests and design and make puppets of memorable fairy tale characters.
If you have any questions feel free to catch me at any time. 
Miss Blake  

Barnes Park to celebrate V Day 

Through the time machine we were transported back in time to 1915 where we carried out many activities from that time period. They used a air raid siren to tell us where we needed to go next and we marched to each activities as if we were in the army. Throughout the day we learnt lots such as how to carve wood to make furniture, what life was like at home in 1915 and what games children played in 1915. The children had so much fun playing old fashioned games and on the fairground rides. You might even have seen us in the Sunderland Echo!