Class 7

Welcome back after the Easter holiday. I hope you have had a lovely 2 weeks rest and are raring to go now that you are back at school.
As you know our topic is Sensational Safari and we are going to be learning all about plants and animals here in the UK and from around the world.
We have already been to visit animals from around the world at South Lakes Safari Zoo and it was the best day ever! Daisy said "Best day of my life!" and Joe said "This is awesome!" so it must have been good. We wrote recounts of our day and they are proudly on display in the corridor outside of our classroom. 
Now we are learning all about endangered animals and making posters about them. We have decided that we are going to write a letter to Mrs Nordstrom next week to ask if we can adopt one of the animals that we have been learning about. Fingers crossed they persuade her. 
We will also be learning all about Kenya next week and how it is the same or different to the UK, where we live. 
I can't believe it is already the summer term. Let's make it a great one. 
Mrs Seaman
What a busy half term we have had and I must say some amazing work has been produced by my class. 
We wrote stories about a penguins journey to the North Pole and made moving pictures to illustrate our fantastic writing. 
After that we began to learn about Easter. We re-enacted Palm Sunday by getting dressed up and waving palm leaves and shouting Hosanna! Then we acted out The Last Supper and broke bread and drank "wine" (water and red dye!). We thoroughly enjoyed it and write some brilliant recounts of these events. 
Then we wrote information books all about the Easter Bunny that included; what he looks like, where he live, what he eats, what his job is and who his friends are. Did you know that the Easter Bunny eats golden carrots? 
We learned lots of Easter songs and visited Mr Bickle's church to celebrate Easter before we had our Easter holidays.
Keep up the good work Class 7.
Next term our topic is Sensational Safari and we shall be visiting South Lakes Safari Park. I'm excited already! Are you?

Happy New Year Class 7!

This half term our topic was 'Let's Go'. We started by learning about materials and their uses. We looked at Mrs Seaman's car and labelled the materials and discussed why they were used to make the different parts of the car. 

We wrote poems about how we travel to school and what we see on the way. We even made a tally chart and made block graphs to show the most and least popular way to travel to school in our class. 

After that we read a story called Mrs Armitage's bike and we wrote our own versions. Because we liked her bike so much we learned more about bikes and Mrs Seaman even brought a real bike into school. We wrote information texts about bikes, making our own books to put in the reading corner. Some of the boys even went to see Mrs Nordstrom with their work because they were so proud. 

Next we learned about the history of transport. We visited Beamish and we had a ride on lots of old types of transport. We talked to the conductors and asked them lots of questions. When we got back to school we wrote recounts of our trip. They were fantastic recounts and also our handwriting is beginning to improve too!

As we enjoyed our topic so much this half term we are going to continue with the same theme after the holidays. We will be reading a story called 'Lost and Found' and making moving pictures before we turn our attention to Easter!

Keep working hard and making me proud!

This half term our topic was 'Lumiere'. We learned all about fire safety as it got nearer to bonfire night and I am so proud of the fantastic information posters that my class made to help the other children in school stay safe.
We also watched clips of fireworks and wrote beautiful poems about how they move in the sky. We learned how to write similes and use lots of adjectives to make our writing more interesting to read. Some even went on display in the corridor for our friends and teachers to look at. 
After that we learned about the history of Bonfire night and why we celebrate it. We learned all about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot.
Well do to all of the children in class 7! Keep up the hard work.
Next half term our topic will be 'Let's Go!'.
Wow! What a busy half term Class 7 have had. I am so proud of the progress that they are making and the hard work and effort they put into every day.
Our topic has been 'Happily Ever After' and all of our work has linked to that topic. We have: write stories, made puppets, wrote instructions and made pancakes!
We even learned about the Big Bad Wolf and wrote a report about grey wolves. We had to research wolves to find out facts for out report, using books and the internet. Then we learned how to use 'general opener' when writing about wolves. Our writing was fantastic and some of our work was even displayed outside the classroom.
In geography we created maps of Fairy Tale lands and wrote imaginary weather forecasts for each place. In some lands it was 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs'. It was great fun recording each other and pretending to be real weather forecasters on the news.
It has been a great half term packed with lots of exciting learning. I cant wait for the next half term, when out topic will be 'Lumiere'.
Mrs Seaman.