In Class 7 we have had so much fun this year and we can not believe it is nearly over!

One of our favourite moments was visiting Barnes Park, where we learned about our heritage. We talked to lots of people including: soldiers, actors, miners and many more. It was a great day and we even got to ride on the visiting fair ground.

We have also had many chances to make things in Year 2. One of the most tasty things was a milkshake, it was yummy! We designed it, made it and finally drank it. After this we write instructions about how to make our yummy milkshake and shared them with our friends in the school.

Another great day was the day we met the local firemen. We got to learn all about the engine and even got to hear the engine and watch how powerful the hose was. We learned how to stay safe and wrote a leaflet to give to the younger children in our school, explaining how to stay safe if a fire breaks out.

When we were learning about fire and keeping safe we read lots of stories about fire breathing dragons. We write fabulous stories about the Paperbag Princess and her dragon and we even got to meet some real life dragons. It was scary but fun at the same time!