On the last week of the half-term, we would like to say a massive thank you to you all for your support over these last few weeks. Thanks to your donations, we raised a whopping amount from our Wellie Walk. We also greatly appreciate your support in supplying the nursery with new equipment. And thank you especially to everyone who contributed to our new clock collection!

 Also, a big well done to all of our new starters who have settled in really well and are now a full part of our nursery community.

 Our topic for the half-term was travel, but by following the children’s interests, it took us in lots of different directions! We’ve had science experiments (including an erupting volcano!) Olympic events, and we even formed our own rock band! The Silksworth Express has been well-loved and is now on its way to the scrap-heap. It’s not the only tired one... reading all of those brochures in our travel agent has all of us ready for our half-term holiday!

 When we come back, our theme will be Traditional Tales. I can’t wait to see how the children decide to take the topic in new, interesting directions!

 Please continue to donate any loose change to our Friday Pennies scheme.. It really does add up!

 We will be sending home a “Story from Home” sheet for you and your child to fill out over the holiday. Letters will go out explaining this further.

 I hope you are finding it more convenient being able to access our cloakroom, especially in the kind of weather we’ve had to put up with recently! Our ambition is to make the cloakroom much more inviting and useful to parents and families. Children are now going to bring their red bags inside nursery with them to store work etc. We will also be putting up display boards to help make letters and other information freely accessible. We are also hoping to put up a display celebrating links between school and families. In the meantime, if you need any information come and speak to me at the door, and I’ll do my best to assist.          


Mr Sullivan

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A lot has happened this term in our Nursery, including the appointment of Mr Sullivan, who we can confirm will be staying with us until July! The Nursery staff have been working very hard, transforming the Nursery setting to make a better learning envoironment for the children and creating new additions to the room to help encourage and fuel the children's imaginations.The staff have created a “Wall of Sound” outside for the children to learn about different sounds (including a very noisy gong!) and have they officially opened the Nursery Café where boys and girls can enjoy great British grub, read magazines or just count up the cash in the till!


 The children have thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Oscar’s adventures with our Stars of the Week, and we’d like to thank those families who have hosted Oscar for making this a truly special reward for a child to receive and enjoy over a weekend.




We take great pride in our nursery, as do the children, and we are happy to welcome anyone inside who wants to see it for themselves. As such, we are organizing a “Stay and Play” day in January where families are welcome to spend the day with their child in nursery. Come and see the learning that goes on, the opportunities for imaginative play that are available and how the adults can encourage and support these activities, or simply have a go in the different areas of nursery.We would encourage anyone who can to attend to do so, and will be sending a letter home shortly with a reply slip. 


Keep a look out for our monthly Nursery News letter which will be commencing in December and will be sending home to all parents to keep you up to date with all events taking place in our Nursery.

Hello everybody, 
It has been an amazing start to a new year and it has been so great to see how well all of the children in nursery have settled in. The children loved being able to show off their new nursery when their families came to visit and it was fantastic to have your support in their transition. 
Nursery has recently moved into the other side of school and all of the children have really enjoyed exploring our new areas!
The children have especially enjoyed learning in our outdoor area which we are now developing. We have some fantastic gardeners in nursery who have been helping us with all the planting and digging!
Thank you so much for all of your support and we look forward to having a great year!!

Miss Fielding

Nursery home visits will be taking place for all of our new children this week with some introductory sessions taken place at the latter end of the week. New Nursery children will start on Monday 14th September at either 8:45am or 12:30pm.


Miss Edmonds and Miss Henry will be key workers in nursery and are looking forward to meeting all of the children.


The nursery has now moved to the other side of school, please look for the nursery welcom sign just along from the car park in the Infant School.


Should you have any queries, please contact the school office on 019 1 553 6190.

Through various observations it has highlighted that a number of children were showing a keen interest in picnics.  To facilitate this interest further, we had our own Teddy Bear's Pinic and made our own cheese sandwichs which were yummy!